Program Components.

CIS-Baytown follows the Texas model of Case Management approach by offering eligible students and their families in one or more of the following services based on the results of their individual needs assessment.  The following activities are an example of services provided under the six components by CIS Baytown. 

Supportive Guidance Services

Supportive guidance services include individual and /or groups that address student problems. In addition, social service referrals for students and their families who need services already provided through other community organizations and which are outside the scope of the CISB on-campus services (e.g., food stamps, etc.).  Supportive Guidance also includes crisis intervention services to students referred to the CISB program and, when appropriate, to the families of the students we serve. 

• One on one – supportive guidance to address student’s individual needs
• “Success is not a Mystery” – presentation on goal setting
• Tutoring Encouragement – follow up with students who are on the tutoring mandatory list
• Court Advocacy – assistance for students appearing in Juvenile court
• On the Right Track – Anger Management classes
• Survivors Groups – support group to assist students with grief and loss
• Family Service Center – on campus counseling for students with emotional needs
• “Who Am I” – presentation on self esteem and value we place on ourselves
• “Making the Grade” – presentation on the importance of passing classes
• Parent and Teen Survival – family group counseling to address relationship issues with parents and children

Enrichment and Exploration

Enrichment and exploration activities are our way of rewarding students for making an effort to improve areas they may be weak in.  These activities include six weeks “Do the Right Thing” incentive pizza parties, field trips participation in after school activities designed to expand students’ educational and cultural horizons.

• Houston Museum District
• Houston Zoo
• Space Center Houston
• Moody Gardens Galveston
• Wortham Theatre
• Jones Hall Performing Arts Center
• Sports Events

Educational Enhancement

Educational enhancement services are recommended to students that are struggling with one or more of their core classes.  These services include referring students to tutoring, providing study skills improvement as well as providing college readiness activities.

• Tutoring
• Study skills improvement
• College/University Tours
• College Information Nights

Parent Engagement

Parent engagement activities are designed to keep parents informed regarding services provides to their children as well as equip them with resources to address household needs.

• Home Visits – when needed to assist students and family
• Parent Surveys – to gain input for parents
• Parent Phone Calls – to notify parents of concerns, needs of students, or positive feedback on student’s improvements
• Parent Conferences – participate in conferences with school personnel or CIS staff

Career Awareness

Career Awareness services are activities designed to introduce students to the world of work.  CISB collaborated with local agencies and businesses to assist students with understanding the skills needed to be productive in the workplace through job shadowing and attending job fairs.

• Job fairs
• Company tours
• Job shadowing
• Resume writing
• Interview skills

Health and Human Services

Health and Human Services consists of referrals made to students and or their families to other agencies for services that are beyond the scope of CISB.

• Health and Human services referrals as needed
• Vision Assistance Referral Program through Lions Club of Baytown
• Red Ribbon Week activities to promote drug awareness
• Medical/Mental Health referrals – psychological assessments for student and or family members
• Child Abuse Prevention referrals to CPS and assistance to families in CPS care
• Basic Needs referrals for students or families needing assistance with basic needs
• Health Fair – information and services provided by local medical agencies


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