Helping kids stay in school and prepare for life.

CIS has 5 core beliefs that every child needs and deserves:

1) A one-on-one mentor relationship.

2) A safe place to learn and grow.

3) A marketable skill to use upon graduation.

4) A chance to give back to peers and community.

5) A healthy start and healthy future.


Message from the Executive Director.

Thank you for visiting the Communities In Schools of Baytown (CIS-Baytown) website! We are proud to be a member of the Nation’s leading and most effective not-for-profit network, dedicated to the success of students, nationwide.


Though each CIS program is unique, all share one unifying mission: to surround students with a community of support, empowering them to stay in school and achieve in life. Since 1993, CIS-Baytown has embraced this mission by assisting students to stay in school, to graduate and to obtain brighter futures.


In his book The Last Dropout, CIS founder Bill Milliken asserts that “It’s relationships, not programs, that change children…Young people thrive when adults care about them on a one-to-one level, and when they also have a sense of belonging to a caring community.” This forms the foundation of all CIS organizations, and particularly CIS-Baytown. We care deeply about our students and view it as an honor to be entrusted with our community’s most valuable resource – the untapped potential of our children – and we are ever mindful and appreciative to be given such an important charge.


As Executive Director, I have the privilege of working with a knowledgeable, enthusiastic and professional staff, dedicated to making a positive impact in the lives of students and their families.


CIS-Baytown currently serves over 1,700 students each year throughout the eleven secondary schools in Goose Creek Consolidated ISD. Case Managers are positioned at each school site, collaborating with school staff to assess needs at both the individual and campus-wide levels. “At-risk” students are matched with the resources they need to beat the odds and stay in school, through partnerships with local social service agencies, health care providers, businesses and volunteers.


We view “at risk” in line with the International Child and Youth Care Network, Today article (August 21, 2001) as “being failed by one or more adults or adult-driven system or institution.” Our students are often challenged by disabilities, unexpected tragedies or feelings of being misunderstood, feared, and/or invisible; all potential threats to their well-being and success. Yet, the struggling students we see today are actually the dream changers of tomorrow when someone reaches beyond the surface to help them unearth their fullest potential! This is what we do at CIS-Baytown. Our Case Managers teach by example, encourage through affirmation and empower through opportunity.


Monitored by the State CIS office (a division of Texas Education Agency), CIS-Baytown consistently exceeds program requirements for staying-in-school, promotion and graduation levels, with an average 97% success rate or higher, annually.


Based on our extensive documentation, 90 – 98% of our students significantly improve in academics, attendance, and/or behavior. They stay in school. They graduate. And, they are prepared for success in post-secondary life!


We encourage you to contact us – for your children, your school or to join us as a partner. Together, we can have a tremendous impact on a student, a family, a community – potentially the world!

CIS Baytown Performance Measures.

Improved Attendance · 78%
Improved Academics · 82%
Students Graduated · 98%
Students Stayed in School · 99%

2013-2014 Key Outcome Performance Measures Based on 1,788 Students

Schools We Serve in GCCISD.


Your voice and your vote are among the most powerful tools in our political system. Help advocate for CIS!

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Your voice and your vote are among the most powerful tools in our political system. Help advocate for CIS!

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More than 57,000 volunteers make it possible for Communities in Schools to serve more than 1.3 million young people each year.

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